Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

What is Professional Coaching?
Coaching is a professional partnership – a key resource, inspiring, thought-provoking and creative process that optimizes the coachee’s (client’s) potential.

What is a Coaching Session?
A coaching session is a focused conversation between the coach and the coachee (client), concentrating on supporting the coachee in clarifying choices and making life changes through motivation, curiosity and creativity.

What is a Coaching Conversation?
A coaching conversation proceeds with clarity, compassion, curiosity, confirmation, and commitment. It is a safe place – “an environment without judgment, …a place where the coach expects the truth from the client because truth carries no consequence other than learning, discovery, and new insight.” (Co-Active).

Where do we meet?
I have clients in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, and Qatar. At the time of writing this, I’m getting ready for a trip to the USA. I work with some clients in person, but most of them I coach online via Skype. To me it doesn’t matter where your home is, I can still reach you (for my Skype clients I found it best to use headphones for our sessions).

How long do we work together?
The length of our coaching partnership will vary depending on your needs. I would suggest that you book at least THREE sessions if you want to feel the true power of coaching.

That’s great, how do we get started?
Congratulations! You are now a big step closer to your desired future. The length of our coaching relationship will depend on your needs and preferences. First choose the coaching package you need and my secretary will mail you our welcome package and contract, and book your first session with me! If you then email me with an outline of your situation, I will send an assessment and questionnaire to prepare for our first consultation.

IMPORTANT – Please also make sure you have paid your fee and returned the signed contract at least TWO days before our first coaching session. If you have booked my VIP or VIP+ Coaching package you can also pay by Direct Debit before the beginning of each month.

Getting together
We can either meet face to face if you are local, or use Skype to communicate. If meeting online, I recommend you have a set of headphones ready to use. Our first session will be more like a personal interview. I will assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of our coaching relationship and identify priorities for action as well as establishing specific desired outcomes. Usually, my coaching sessions are 45 minutes long, however our initial session may take a little longer in order to make sure I have a complete picture of your current situation.

Your journey begins
In my experience the real coaching benefits happen BETWEEN scheduled coaching sessions. That’s why I ask my clients to complete specific actions in support of the achievement of your personally prioritized goals. I also provide additional resources – checklists, assessments, and models – to support your thinking and actions. In this way you are coached between sessions too. Of course you don’t have to complete this ‘homework’, but it’s helpful if you do.

Our next session then starts by reviewing both these assessments and/or my analysis of our previous consultation. I firmly believe that the best insights come when coaching sessions are allowed to be spontaneous. This means that though you don’t have to be prepared, you do have to be COMMITTED.