'Executive Coaching - a form of tailored, work-related development for senior and professional managers which spans business, functional and personal skills' - Institute of Employment Studies

FACT – you may already be a successful, driven CEO or top-level manager.

Why would you need a coach to help you achieve more?

Coaching is at the very heart of leadership. According to management guru George Odiorne:

‘Coaching is not an addition to a leader’s job. Rather it is an integral part of it.’

Alternately, you may just been promoted and need support to get in control of your new responsibilities, or are trying to get promoted and need support to increase your work performance and get ahead of other candidates.

You know you have the skills, but need someone to support you in organizing them in a plan.

Whatever your current position, I can work with you to set meaningful goals and analyze your current strategy. Then we would work together to achieve your defined targets – these might include:

  • Developing a strategic plan for personal and financial growth
  • Exploring leadership styles, and taking initiatives to promote action and drive behavioral change.

Integral to my coaching strategy is the development of a client’s emotional intelligence, in order to increase self and social awareness and improve relationship management, leading to:

  • Better performance at work
  • Better physical and mental health
  • Better working relationships

Through this process you will also see improvement in your confidence, leadership effectiveness and presence.

Most importantly, I will support you in finding the right balance between work and life, making sure that while we drive positive career movement, you still find time for the people you love.

So get ready to set your professional life goals and move forward quickly with planning and ambition. You can then concentrate on developing the skills and confidence you need to improve.

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